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Virtual School Info

Students need to work 4 hours per school day (1 hour per subject) to
stay current in their classes. The four core subjects are English, math, science and social studies. Interactive online programs are used for instruction. Parents/guardians play a big role to support and guide their child each school day. 
Each virtual lesson includes a direct instruction video and a variety of follow-up activities. K-5 students take online quizzes and exams. Weekly assignments are submitted by students through the online program. 6th - 8th grade students complete assignments that follow the pattern of five activities: warm up, direct instruction, summary, assignment, and quiz. Students also take unit exams. Capistrano Virtual School teachers also monitor student progress throughout the school year.
Capistrano Virtual School offers teacher support, ongoing communication, weekly Optional offerings may include workshops for students, family excursions, special activities/events, and access to your child's neighborhood school. An assignment calendar of online work is provided to families so that parents/guardians and students know what needs to accomplish each school day.
There is ongoing communication between the Capistrano Virtual School teacher, student, and parent/guardian during the year by e-mail, phone, and in-person at Capistrano Virtual School, including parent/teacher conferences. A “Weekly Surf Report” is emailed to Capistrano Virtual School families every Monday. Each online issue contains school news and optional fun and educational activities for Capistrano Virtual School students and families. 
Capistrano Virtual School students have the option of participating in programs and classes (6th - 8th grade) at their neighborhood school of residence. For example, K-5 students can participate in Primary Music (K-3) or Block Music (4th & 5th grade) music and art at their neighborhood elementary school while enrolled in Capistrano Virtual School. Students in 6th - 8th grade can take up to two classes at their neighborhood CUSD middle school while enrolled in Capistrano Virtual School, creating a blended or hybrid program.
All required State Standardized Tests, including California Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (CAASPP)/Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) and district assessments, are administered at the Capistrano Virtual School site or remotely. Student progress is continually monitored through a variety of web-based assessments.
If a child is a special education student with a current Individualized Education Program (IEP), California Education Code requires that an IEP team consent to an independent study placement to attend CHVS. Parents/guardians are asked to contact their child’s IEP case-carrier to see if Capistrano Virtual School is an educational option for their special education child. 
Students do not receive letter grades at Capistrano Virtual School. Students earn credit based on the level of work they complete each week, and during the collection of work on monthly turn-in days. Attendance is given based on work completion on monthly turn-in days.
Students and parents/guardians are required to attend an Orientation with their Capistrano Virtual School Advisement Teacher, a Conference at the beginning of the semester or two weeks after enrolling, and any other scheduled teacher/student meetings.
Principal Jolene Dougherty is the Student Success Team (SST) and 504 Plan Coordinator.
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"Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” 
–Donna J. Abernathy
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“We have been thankful, every day, for the past 8 years for our wonderful online program through Capistrano Home/Virtual School (CHVS). The benefits are vast and numerous.”
- CHVS Parent
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“Think out of the box and create a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content and their brains.” 
–Rosalie Ledda Valdez
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