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Mission, Vision & Collective Commitments

Mission - Capistrano Home/Virtual School (CHVS) is dedicated to helping all students achieve their potential through academic and personal growth by offering alternative educational opportunities.
Vision - Create and implement a positive and safe environment that promotes lifelong learners to act responsibly, value learning, encourage integrity, and strive for personal best.
Collective Commitments - We will:
  • support families who wish to educate their children at home using CUSD's and CHVS’s homeschool or virtual curriculum.
  • provide assistance and guidance to parents/guardians as they plan and implement lessons for their children.
  • provide access to core and supplemental resources and help parents/guardians understand how to utilize the resources to support learning.
  • provide opportunities for academic support, enrichment, and socialization through workshops, field trips and access to local schools.
  • provide feedback regarding student progress towards grade level standards and district and state assessments, and assist parents/guardians in modifying instruction to meet individual needs.
  • work in partnership with our families to create a positive and successful independent study experience.
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“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” 
-Scott Reed
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